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ASTRAL SON, the psychedelic side-project of Leonardo Soundweaver, musician and painting artist from Groningen, Holland. Get ready for some psychedelic tunes! With the Electric space guitar as his main instrument and the psychedelic 70's era as his main and infinite source of inspiration Leonardo went on a little journey....Coming from an electronic music background, spending many years twisting buttons on synthesizers, just to hear the sounds, he found a new instrument....The electric space guitar. What you get here is psychedelic song based space rock larded with krautrock and electronic sounds.

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Astral Son - Wonderful Beyond



Some of the instruments used on Mind's Eye (No flute)


A short history:

'I love experimenting with sound and making mind expanding music. Iíve worked with synthesizers and organs for a long time. At some point I taught myself to play the electric guitar. I built a nice home studio and learned how to produce. I made a lot of different electronic albums, because that was my main focus. Above all, I was searching for my own sound. Meanwhile my guitar skills were improving and I started to integrate that with the electronic. I made a couple of instrumental albums focused on the electric space guitar. So there was this natural development going on, eventually leading to Astral Son, after some trial and error'.

Leonardo Soundweaver

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Mind's Eye:

Shindig        TimeMazine


"This Dutch one-man project focuses on the psychedelic music from the era between 1967 and 1975. It blends elements mainly from Pink Floyd's 60s psychedelic adventures and Eloy's pre-Ocean era, but there are also parts that remind me of Ashra Temple, Tangerine Dream, and sometimes Gong and very early Kraftwerk.

The compositions on Mind's Eye are truly authentic as are the arrangements and instrumentation. The man behind the project took very much care to sound exactly like the old school idols, and has maintained the production sound to be like the ones of old days. So those who were around when psychedelic and space rock happened originally will experience a full throw-back to old times, and maybe wish they had a joint at hand for the full enjoyment of this album.

Even though it is not progressive at all to create this sort of music in the here and now, listening to Mind's Eye is still a great retrospective of a time in which creative music was free of genres. If you still have a flavour for the albums of the golden era of prog and psychedelia, and if you love the imperfect sound of those albums, you shouldn't miss this one!"


"As you can ascertain I am very impressed with Mind's Eye. A prime example of the psychedelic/space rock genre." Jon Neudorf (Sea of Tranquility)


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It's an excellent crossover of space and kraut rock, psychedelia as well as electronics.

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Itís one of the first albums with that much influence from electronic music that I like, itís a real nice surprise to me.


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What others say about Gurumaya:

Richard bone:
I love every track. The record is incredibly well produced and there are interesting ideas at work in every track which beg for, that's how you know it is true psychedelia. I hope another LP will follow soon.

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